A New Nonprofit Was Born

The Inspiration Behind the ISC & How You Can Help!

Elected in 2013, as Cape Coral, FL’s first woman mayor, Marni Sawicki served the state of Florida’s 8th largest city from 2013 to 2017.  

Her life changed forever on June 24, 2017 while attending a gathering for the US Conference of Mayors.  With over 250 mayors in attendance, her ex-husband violently assaulted her exposing their abusive relationship publicly for the first time. Pleading guilty to a third-degree felony charge of "battery by strangulation", he received only one year of community control, and three years probation. Even with a master’s degree she found it difficult to manage through the emotions, and make sense of the abuse, which effected her health, finances, and professional standing in the community.  

Marni refused to run from the experience.  She vowed to use her voice to help others by advocating for legislative changes, and educating others on the cycle of abuse, victim shaming, and the effects of not having access to credit, therapy, money, job training, housing, and employment. From her own personal experiences, she understands the impact abuse can have on victims, family, and friends.  

With roughly 45,000 women and children affected by the trauma of domestic violence in Lee County, Florida alone, there is an urgent and immediate need for transitional services after emergency assistance is no longer available. Transitioning and empowering women and children from victim to survivor IS the missing step in our community!  “Filling in the gap” between emergency assistance and a full recovery is critical to breaking the cycle of abuse.

Indigo Sky Collective became a 501(c)3 in February of 2019.   Your donations will help us secure a business location for our new Women's Empowerment Center, build the secure web platform for survivors, and provide critical life-saving services.

The Indigo Sky Collective's purpose is to provide transitional services for survivors of domestic violence.  We pick up where our community’s emergency assistance ends.  Our goal is to empower women and children to re-build their confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. With your support, we will be able to provide help (and save lives) to over 45,000 women and children within Lee County alone. 

To learn more about her nonprofit for women and children of domestic violence, go to www.IndigoSkyCollective.org.